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Learn Everyday and Everything Will Be Okay

As you may all know, I didn’t go to an art school so everything about my style is self taught. However I do invest in books to extend my knowledge in Graphic Design & Illustration. For 2014, I focused on a number of problems with my style, 1.) Anatomy 2.) Color Blending and 3.) Background Development. 

1.) Anatomy Problem - I only have a few poses from my previous works so I invested on Disney’s The Art of Tangled. Not only because I’m a fan of Glen Keane, I like the fact that his anatomy works similarly with my style. Big eyes and small arms, this book shows exactly how his first sketches of the 3D princess came to be so I got really hooked on the book.

2.) Color Blending - KAWS maybe a weird choice for that but I mostly just “randomly” choose my colors with my characters. So after constant reading of KAWS book, I somewhat get his theories re the matter. Plus if you check his work, everything blends in fine.

3.) Background - I seriously suck in BG so who else is better than making those gorgeous BGs from One Piece? Eiichiro Oda! From tropical beaches to futuristic scenes, this mangaka really boasts of extensive imagination! He can simply draw any kind of BG with a touch of fantasy and adventure.

So I hope you like my recommendations but feel free to ask anything on my Facebook account if you guys need more ideas. 


KESH is one of the artists I followed back in 2012 and her signature patterns is the best! Coincidentally 2NE1 also used KESHxAmericanApparel collaboration dress and wow it looked good on them! Although it may look like a simple black and white pattern, you could immediately say it’s KESH’! This is my fave dress so far from the collaboration and I think it came out around 2012? 

Singapore Zoukout & DJ Stage Graphics





imageMe and my friends ended the year with a bang and that means, dj festival! As you may all know, I’m an electro music addict and I just love everything about last year’s Zoukout 2013 in Siloso Beach Singapore. The DJ graphics were the best starting from Ajfrojack’s amazing vector machine/mecha designs to Zedd’s flow-y typography and even a kawaii stage with NERVO. It’s my first time attending a big dj event so I was really excited! Haha! Talk about graphics and not the music? Hell no! The music was everything but I was really amazed by the stage set up that sometimes I forgot to dance! Haha but anyways how did you end your year? ❤️

Vintage-ish Plaid

Plaid Cigarette Pants + Summer Lovin Swim Suit by Kenley Collins. I’ve seen a lot of plaid fashion from DJ Avicii and Zedd but I’ve never seen women wear the style. Here’s a favorite smexy design of Kenley Collins which I find a good execution of plaid! She’s been making Arianna Grande’s fashion and I’ve followed her ever since and I would die to get the pants haha! Check out her fashion website to see more cute dresses and swimsuits! ♥